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In 2006, Karina Milheiros and Fridolin Ludwig Kimmig launched a revolutionary approach to coaching – Humanistic Coaching. IHCOS is guided by their vision of a truly free society where human values such as acceptance, love, peace, and balance prevail, inspiring all self-aware human beings to unite in building a “human family.”

Striving to initiate a new society, Karina Milheiros and Fridolin Ludwig Kimmig embraced their mission to support their fellow human beings in their personal progress, guiding them towards a deeper self-awareness. Awareness of Self is the process of rewriting one’s personal history, of transforming unfavorable experiences into self-knowledge, of living in harmony with others while realizing one’s life goals. Collective self-awareness alone will allow us to lay an unshakeable foundation for a new society. Thus, Humanistic Coaching emerged, integrating a human philosophy that encompasses each individual in all her or his facets (emotional, mental, physical, spiritual, social contribution, interaction with the environment) honoring her or his individuality, reinstating unconditional equality.

A wealth of prior personal development and coaching experience provided Karina Milheiros and Fridolin Ludwig Kimmig with deep knowledge and keen perception. They developed concepts, techniques and structures that would form the basis of Humanistic Coaching, a methodology that brings depth and is generative to the coaching profession. Over the last decade, they have honed and refined this new approach to coaching, sharing and teaching Humanistic Coaching to professional coaches around the world, providing certification in the various coaching levels.

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