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Mediation Board

The professional Mediation Board provides the public with a forum in which they may present concerns or situations requiring intervention. Thus, clients can be confident that IHCOS will provide an objective, independent investigation and follow-up on the conduct of the IHCOS member coach, enforcing, when necessary, disciplinary action.

The Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct is a fundamental guideline for professional coaches and for trainers who certify coaching professionals. The code also engenders public trust in hiring coaching services, as well as being a guide for businesses contracting coaching professionals. Furthermore, the code is the basis for dispute resolution.

When a client feels that an  Humanistic Coach – IHCOS® acted in violation of the Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct, he or she must first attempt to find a direct resolution with the professional in question.

In the case where such action proves ineffective, either of the parties may file a formal complaint seeking IHCOS Professional Supervision and Mediation Board intervention to help resolve the dispute.

The Professional Mediation Board will investigate the complaint, provide mediation, and issue a report concerning the incident and its resolution.

IHCOS Members and Professionals
Coaching professionals may also appeal to the Professional Mediation Board to report abuses of power or evident cases of improper advertisement of coaching qualifications. They may also report non-members who misuse IHCOS and Humanistic Coaching in their advertising or event promotions.

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