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What is IHCOS

The international humanistisc coaching society

International Coaching Reference

IHCOS, The International Humanistic Coaching Society, is a non-profit organization created specifically to support the growing number of Humanistic Coaching professionals worldwide.

IHCOS is a unique association empowered to accredit and provide global recognition of coaches using Humanistic methodology as created by Karina Milheiros and Fridolin Ludwig Kimmig.

Administered by certified coaching professionals, IHCOS assumes leadership of the Humanistic Coaching profession. We also regulate, via the professional profile, various qualification and specialization levels and the guidelines for curriculum standards for accreditation. We aim to ensure consistency in technical training, and skills profiles, as well as monitor compliance to the Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct. We endorse the Independent Review Committee to enable the public to lodge complaints concerning Code of Ethics violations.

IHCOS also runs technical renewal programs on various coaching levels to ensure continual personal and professional development for human beings who work with other human beings.

More about the History of Humanistic Coaching

Since 2007, coaching professionals have been practicing Humanistic Methodology, serving the professional market as certified coaches. Today, the demand for Humanistic Coaching has inspired professional coaches across the continents, lighting the way to a new consciousness!

IHCOS’s objective is to expand their family of professional coaches, proclaiming a new era of coaching with Humanistic Methodology.

More about the Humanistic Methodology

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