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The International Humanistic Coaching Society has initiated a new coaching philosophy, establishing important principles for the profession.
IHCOS manages and regulates the coaching practice of its accredited members according to high ethical standards of elevated quality. Thus, it developed the following official documentation of its standards:

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    Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct for the accredited coach and IHCOS member– the coach pledges commitment to and accountability for upholding the Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct.

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    IHCOS Professional Reference Chart – defines the technical prerequisites and skills required to become a certified, internationally qualified Humanistic Coach – IHCOS®. The Reference Chart establishes a framework outlining the training programs, hours, practice, and examinations needed for the varying certification levels.

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    IHCOS Representative Trainer Coach – Those aspiring to represent IHCOS in the capacity of Trainer Coach agree to undergo rigorous analysis of his/her compliance to requirements, to an assessment of his/her professional skills and proven experience, as well as to a IHCOS mentoring process.

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    Trainer Coach Requirements – The professional Trainer Coach offering international IHCOS certification is required to attend advanced training seminars to periodically renew his/her trainer qualifications, thus ensuring continued personal and professional growth.

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    Professional Mediation Board – This independent board provides the public with a forum in which they may present concerns or situations requiring intervention. Thus, clients can be confident that IHCOS will provide an objective, independent investigation and follow-up on the conduct of the IHCOS member coach, enforcing, when necessary, disciplinary action.


The IHCOS Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct is a set of principles and values that guide professional coaching behavior. Adherence to this code is required of all IHCOS members. The IHCOS Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct respects the context and laws of the country where the coaching professional works.

The IHCOS Ethics Committee promotes mentoring and provides practical support for professional coaching ethics. It also aids in developing the coach’s professional status, actively collaborating with international regulatory bodies and government authorities.


This Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct is an expression of the principles and values underlying the work of Humanistic Coaching and establishes the conduct governing The International Humanistic Coaching Society (IHCOS) professional members.

THE INTERNATIONAL HUMANISTIC COACHING SOCIETY mission is to contribute to a more humane science and art of coaching on an international level. We ensure continual development of technical and social skills that guarantee high professional quality and elevated ethical standards in certified Humanistic Coaching, thus establishing the foundation on which each coach may contribute to a more humane society.

The principles that follow are applicable to any professional coaching activity in relation to their clients, potential clients, interested persons, employees, apprentices, service contractors, associations, as well as the public in general.

“Coaching professional” refers to any certified, professional coach who maintains their livelihood as a Coach, a Master Coach, or a Trainer Coach.

All IHCOS coaching professionals voluntarily agree to abide by these principles, whereby their ethical conduct will reflect positively on their professional performance. IHCOS also disseminates these principles among all associated members, encouraging their observance as well.

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