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Global Vision

What makes IHCOS unique?

Coaching is a profession that requires technical training. It is a professional field that is growing ever stronger worldwide. Often, coaches are trained in theory only, with little practical preparation as part of their professional training. A Humanistic Coach – IHCOS®, however, excels due to a professional training program that integrates vast practical experience. This intensive training prepares the coach for working closely with another human being, in absolute respect.

To ensure that the Humanistic Coach – IHCOS® meets these requirements, IHCOS internationally accredits technical training programs that are only administered by trainers who are fully certified for that purpose. Thus, the benefits that coach and clients reap from applying the innovative Humanistic Methodology are endorsed by the highest possible training standards.

IHCOS members, whether Coach, Master Coach, Senior Coach, Trainer Coach or Representative, are privileged and honored to set the standard for international professional credibility and ethical practice.

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