Mission & Values

Mission & Values

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THE INTERNATIONAL HUMANISTIC COACHING SOCIETY mission is to contribute to the humane science and art of coaching on an international level. We aim to ensure continual development of technical and social skills that guarantee high professional quality and elevated ethical standards as certified Humanistic Coach – IHCOS®.

To fulfill its mission, IHCOS incorporates:

  • Professional, certified Humanistic Coach – IHCOS® who specialize, among others, in the areas of Life, Business-Management, Executive, Sports and who bear the following levels of qualification; Coach, Master Coach, Trainer Coach, etc.

  • Coaching Institutes where certified and specialized trainers instruct Humanistic Coaching in varying areas of expertise: Life, Business-Management, Executive, Sports, among others.


For IHCOS these values, among others, are very important: Quality, Humanity, Respect, Ethics, Seriousness, Sharing and Innovation!

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