What is Coaching

What is Coaching

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There are many definitions of coaching. Traditionally, it is a process whereby the coach supports the client in accomplishing goals and in maximizing performance. Through the coaching process, the client changes behaviors, develops resources and possibilities as well as the skills needed to reach her or his goals.

The traditional definition is strongly associated with the sports world. Generally, the athlete has a coach’s support to maximize performance and achieve success in athletic competitions. This approach to coaching has been adopted and adapted for application to other areas, such as Life Coaching or Executive Coaching.

The innovative Humanistic methodology goes beyond honing performance, opening the gateways to a new generation of coaching. A Humanistic Coach – IHCOS® is not limited to only supporting the client in reaching her or his goals, to assigning tasks, or to following-up to ensure the client attains results. The Humanistic Coach works with the client in such a way that her or his goals are the result of an effective, positive inner change, rippling through all areas of the client’s life, creating a fuller and happier life, which invariably results in a deeper level of self-awareness.

The Humanistic Methodology

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