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Humanistic Methodology has made a profound contribution to the evolution of coaching, a systemic, deeply transformative and generative process. To carry out that process, the coach deploys a set of techniques, approaches, session structures, as well as other fundamental tools of this remarkable trade.

Often, the coach is limited to guiding a client towards an alleged goal, pre-determined by the client. This strategy works for some people, but for many others it does not. There are several reasons for this. One of them is that unconsciously, the person is not truly determined to reach the purported goal. Perhaps he or she is not yet ready to deal with the results, enticing as they may be. The client enters into an inner battle, leading her or him either to attain the goal and later to suffer from that achievement, or to sabotage the results instead. Humanistic Coaching provides a framework of deep understanding of each unique being. Rather than focusing exclusively on questions, task orientation, follow-up or SMART goals, it also supports the client at the conscious and unconscious levels, for true goal achievement.

Helping clients become aware of unconscious wishes requires sensitized work with the complex structure of language, active listening, perception, and the client’s personal system. Such practices allow the client to gain an awareness of her or his internal reality. Each client will learn the nature of her or his internal reality, and its impact on the nature of her or his external reality, and vice-versa. A client’s complex reality evolves throughout her or his life, through language, behavior, experiences, and beliefs. The Humanistic Coach – IHCOS® cultivates that complex reality, creating motivating results and inspiring realities in partnership with the client. Therefore, the Humanistic Coach – IHCOS® not only supports goal achievement, but also frees the client to spread her or his wings and fly freely.

History of Humanistic Coaching

Unveiling a client’s unconscious internal reality requires adept coach support in order to bring about what we call “congruence” between a client’s desires and actions. Often, our relationship with our inner identity is neither clear nor evident. Humanistic Coaching provides sensitive support in making our inner identity manifest.

This is merely one example of how Humanistic Coaching differs in its approach to clients. In Humanistic Coaching, the client is not merely a customer, but first and foremost a complete and complex human being, whose needs require an exclusive approach. No human being has the same way of awakening and changing. Each is unique, has her or his own mind and unprecedented personal history.

Therefore, Humanistic Coaching views the client as an evolving human being, not simply an object for achieving goals. Goals are the results of transformational processes. They are achieved quickly and naturally once the obstacle blocking the client’s way forward has been removed.

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